Everything You Need To Know About ASUS L210: Full Review

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7 min readOct 17, 2021
Everything You Need To Know About ASUS L210: Full Review

The new ASUS L210 laptop is very good. The unit that we are reviewing today, the 11.6-inch L210MA-DB01, has been recently launched. Even though it doesn’t have great computing performance, I am very excited about this small laptop since it is packed with surprises and has something to offer to people who want a small laptop for casual use or those who need a small computer for their work.


To begin with, why is the ASUS L210 I am looking at today so cheap? Especially when you compare it to the more expensive ASUS products. It is not a ZenBook. That is not the case. The ASUS L210MA-DB01 isn’t as powerful as other ASUS laptops, but it does enough things if you are aware of its limitations and don’t push it too hard.

ASUS Laptop L210

This laptop is really good. It’s not like other laptops. That’s why I recommend it if you are on a budget, for your child to use at school, or if you want something simple to carry around with you. I will explain more later on this page.

The ASUS had a price tag between $200 and $240. The first day, it was very affordable. But how will it do in real-life scenarios? I know from experience that you don’t expect much from such an aggressively priced notebook. However, it would seem that you’ll get more than you expect from this small ASUS. Let’s start!

- Brand‎: ASUS

- Series‎‎: L210MA-DB01Item

- Operating System: ‎Windows 10 S

- Item Weight: ‎2.31 pounds

- Product Dimensions‎: 11 x 7.5 x 0.67 inches

- Processor Brand: Intel

- Processor Count‎: 2

- Computer Memory Type: ‎DDR4 SDRAM

- Flash Memory Size‎: 64

- Standing screen display size‎: 11.6 Inches

- Max Screen Resolution: ‎1366X768 Pixels

- Processor: ‎2.8 GHz celeron_n4020

- RAM‎: 4 GB DDR3

- Memory Speed‎: 2.8 GHz

- Hard Drive:‎ 64 GB eMMC

- Graphics Card: Intel UHD Graphics 600

- Wireless Type: ‎802.11ac

- Number of USB 2.0 Ports‎: 1

- Average Battery Life: ‎12 Hours


- Very light & portable

- Low price

- Great value


- Dull screen

- Middling keyboard

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Processing power

The ASUS L210MA-DB01 has a slow processor. It is called the Intel Celeron N4020. The base frequency is 1.1GHz and it goes up to 2.8GHz when boosted. A cache size of 4MB and a thermal design power of 4.8Watts are also part of this Intel Celeron N4020, which means that it is not very sophisticated, but that it doesn’t use much battery power like other processors do because they draw more power from the battery pack than this one does.

You should not expect too much from it. Benchmark results are poor. It will work well with lightweight programs that you use every day. For example, if you use the ASUS for editing documents or to keep up with friends on social media, this works well. But it is not good for advanced photo editing or watching 4K content over the internet.

System memory

The computer can only have 4 gigabytes of system memory. You cannot add more memory because it is soldered to the motherboard. Not so long ago, 4 gigabytes were not enough, but in today’s world they are not big enough and you need more.

ASUS Laptop L210

The ASUS L210 can do light work for one day. It cannot lift much weight or do any heavy multitasking. The ASUS L210 cannot also run other programs, like Photoshop, fluently because it is not powerful enough.

Storage space

The ASUS L210 has limited storage space. It only has 64 gigabytes of storage. Downloads are fast, but it is not an SSD drive. However, because there are not many other hardware choices on the L210, I think this is a good choice for performance.

If you need more storage space, you can buy a micro SD card. This is inexpensive and will save your files on the card. You will need to put it into the laptop and then just use that as a storage drive for all your files. The native drive of the laptop should now only be used for the operating system.

Display and graphics

As you might expect, the display quality on this laptop is not as good as others that are more expensive. But if we take the price into account, it offers about what other similarly priced models offer. It has an 11.6-inch screen with high definition (HD) resolution (1366 x 768 pixels). You will not need a better screen for office use and daily tasks because of how small the actual screen is. The viewing angles are quite bad and so are the colors.

ASUS Laptop L210

This computer does not have very good graphics. You will not be able to do any rendering, video editing, or gaming with this computer. The Intel UHD Graphics 600 integrated GPU is one of the weakest ones out there.

The computer is not good for playing games. It won’t run them. The computer can’t use heavy games, like Minecraft. Good things that the computer is good at are emails, documents, talking to people on social media, and other things like that.

Interface and networking

Interface options are many and are perfect for most users. It has three USB ports, which is the right amount for people who want to plug in their devices. All I/O options are:

- 1 x Type-C USB 3.2 port

- 1 x Type-A USB 3.2 port

- 1 x Type-A USB 2.0 port

- 1 x HDMI

- 1 x Combo audio jack

- 1 x micro SD card reader

The wireless connection in the computer is not as good. There are newer computers with better wireless connections, but you probably don’t need a better wireless connection because you won’t be using it a lot. The computer will still do things for you like video calls and online HD content without any problems when this is just one of your options.

- Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)

- Bluetooth

ASUS L210MA important features

The ASUS L210MA-DB01 has many features that appeal to me. It’s surprisingly well equipped for its price, in my opinion. This laptop has 180-degree hinges. You can put the screen flat and share your work with other people. There is a number pad at the bottom of the keyboard that transforms into a touchpad. It is for quickly crunching numbers and data entry.

This laptop is more expensive than others, but it is more powerful. It does not make any noise, which can help you to be more focused on your work. (It says that the laptop comes with Windows 10S, which is a cheaper version of Windows 10) But you can upgrade to the full version for free if you want more options for the software.

Portability and battery life

Finally, the ASUS L210MA-DB0 shines in this region. Those that like to transport their work with them wherever they go and are also conscious of a balance between performance, portability, and price depending on their requirements will appreciate this laptop. The ASUS weighs only 2.3 pounds. Furthermore, its tiny stature makes it an ideal long-distance companion. It’ll fit in any backpack or bag without weighing you down at all.

Finally, this laptop’s battery is a 2-cell, 38 Wh Li-Polymer device that will last up to 12 hours on a single charge before requiring access to an outlet. Although you may expect around 10 hours of use while working, this is still significant.

ASUS Laptop L210

The ASUS L210MA is a versatile laptop with long battery life and enough speed for basic productivity tasks, but it has few capabilities overall. If you spend most of your day on emails, documents, video calls, and light multitasking, the ASUS L210MA is an excellent budget-friendly option for you.


I recommend the 11-inch ASUS L210 laptop. It is a good buy for many people. We don’t need a lot of power to do simple things like writing and talking. The more expensive ultrabook is not necessary to do this and you can get the same results with a less expensive option.

This device is very cheap and has great features. It only costs $300 and it offers a good operating system. It can do basic things like word processing and browsing the internet, but it does not have some features that more expensive devices do.

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